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Whiskers N Tails Animal Refuge


Our goal is to expand and build an animal shelter and

 wildlife sanctuary. The Shelter will consist of three primary areas:

1) Animal care area,

2) Adoption area,

3) Animal Refuge.

The adoption area will contain a  visiting area where people can take dogs or cats to play and consider them for adoption, an indoor exercise yard, a grooming/bathing room, a treatment/surgery area, cat and dog colonies for animals who can live communally with other animals. The facility will be cage-free.


Cat Areas:

Did you know that cats are the second most popular domestic pet in the United States after fish. Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Chief Roy Gross estimated, using the organization's own metrics, approximately 322,000 catslive in Suffolk County, including both feral and domesticated cats. For every four people in the county, there is approximately one cat.


The new Whiskers N Tails Animal Refuge will provide a safe and secure environment for kittens and cats. There will be an isolation room for sick kittens & cats who enter the facility. Once the feline recovers, they will be moved to a second area to ensure that their recovery has been completed.


On nice days, cats can relax in the sun or shade in outdoor pens enjoying the outdoors.



Dog Areas:

After being evaluated, any sick dogs will be placed in an isolation room until they regain their health. The next step will  be another holding-type area to maximize good health and minimize the spread of diseases.

If the dog belongs to someone, it will be held in a “stray dog” kennel waiting to be picked up by his owner.

Dogs who are not picked up, will be bathed & groomed to make them feel better and help increase their chances of adoption.

Studies show that 90% of groomed dogs are adopted. No more trying to imagine what a dingy little cockapoo would look like if he had a bath and a cut. “What!? He’s white..not tan!”


After grooming, our friends will be held in comfortable areas. They will have an indoor and outdoor exercise area for a good workout with a volunteer. A potential adopter can see if Fido can catch a frisbee or chase a ball. The room can also be used for basic training—how to sit, stay and behave!


Please help us raise the funds necessary to build this animal sanctuary





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